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Translation Services Agency & Product Sourcing Agent

Here at China Interpreter Network we are divided to two divisions. Our fist team is tasked of doing expert face to face interpretation and high quality translation for our customers . when we hire an interpreter in China they must meet high standards including a college education , certification of ability by test TEM 8 and the Shanghai advanced  interpretation test . So when you need a translator in China, or an interpreter in China, you can rest assured that our  China interpreters and China translators are among the finest professional China translators in the business.

The second team is tasked with locating high quality parts, products and services for our customers . Our professional China Sourcing agents have a combined experience of over 50 years sourcing products in China. these are a few of the cities we cover: Shenzhen, Guangzhou,Shanghai,Donguan, Foshan and Yiwu as well as other major cities and manufacturing centers.We have strict hiring standards for our China product sourcing agents. they must hold a college degree as well as have a good knowledge of the business structure in China. We only deal with reputable factories that are registered with the government and pay their workers fairly and provide medical and social insurance for their workers. WE Guarantee that the China product we source for you will be of good quality , at a fair price, and arrive on time to the shipper 

About Us

Kenneth Carter and Sharon Gu founded China Interpreter Network Sourcing Solutions after more than 20 years combined of successful experience in business negotiations, product sourcing and foreign language mastery. Kenneth was born in the US and boasts master’s degrees in business management and foreign trade law. Sharon is originally from China and holds prestigious certifications in translation and interpretation. Together, we have a passion for helping businesses successfully grow through trust-based international relations.

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Sharon GU,   Managing Partner,  China
Kenneth Carter , Managing Partner, USA